Frequently Asked Questions


All of your student Web tools and information are centralized in uoZone. This allows you to access your personal information, uOttawa-related communications and Web applications through a single gateway, a true “one-stop-shop” for registered students.

In addition, uoZone simplifies your Web experience by requiring only one login ID and password for all your uOttawa Web applications. Log in once and all your Web tools are a simple click away.

Only the Rabaska and My Financial Portfolio applications have been removed from InfoWeb, so they are now available through a direct link in uoZone. All your other applications and accounts are still in InfoWeb, which you can access by logging in to uoZone and selecting InfoWeb. To access Rabaska, you again log in to uoZone and select Rabaska. The same goes for My Financial Portfolio. Once you log in to uoZone, no other password verification is required.

No, uoZone does not replace InfoWeb. InfoWeb remains available by a direct link in uoZone.

uoZone is a portal that gives you access to your key uOttawa applications, including:
• InfoWeb
• Rabaska
• E-mail
• Virtual Campus
• My Financial Portfolio
It also contains personalized content, such as:
• targeted messages from your faculty, department and professors
• messages from the University
• your personal calendar
• information on your faculty and on campus services.
You can also add custom content like news and weather.

All registered undergraduate and graduate uOttawa students as well as Special Students and Alumni have access to uoZone.

uoZone is a gateway to your uOttawa Web applications, personalized information and alerts from your professors, faculty and department...all in one central, single-sign-on environment!


To reset your Webmail password that's already saved in uoZone, click on the "Reset" button located below the Applications channel on your home page in uoZone. Wait for about 60 seconds and try to access your Webmail once again. You will be prompted to input a password. The password that you input here will be saved in uoZone for all future logons.

You can change your uoZone password with the Password Management tool in InfoWeb.

You only need one password to access uoZone and all its student Web tools.

For those applications you now access through uoZone, you no longer have to remember individual passwords; however, for applications outside of the uoZone portal (library, computer labs, etc.), you still need to remember their specific passwords. As more applications move into uoZone, they will use the single-sign-on functionality.

You need to go to and use your current InfoWeb login ID and password.


For technical support, contact the Computing Help Centre at 613-562-5800, ext. 6555.

The minimum technical requirements are:
• Internet Explorer 6 or higher
• Firefox 2.0 or higher
• Safari 3 or higher
The recommended technical requirements are:
• Internet Explorer 7 or higher
• Firefox 3.0 or higher
• Safari 4 or higher

Single-sign-on allows you to access multiple Web applications and tools using one and only one password authentication. uoZone has this capability. However, the first time you log in to your e-mail via uoZone, you need to provide an initial, once-only password authentication. uoZone then saves the login information for your next session. For all other Web applications, uoZone does not require an initial password authentication.